The latest information on European chemical policies

REACh stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.

As EU regulation REACH is directly and equally valid in all member states. Here you will find current information on this regulation.

LKS Kronenberger is committed to an SME-friendly EU REACh chemical regulation.

Active involvement has already born political fruit in Hessen. For more on this please read the current newsletter of the German Central Association for Surface Technology (ZVO) and of VECCO.


As founding member of the authorisation consortium VECCO e.V. (Association for Safeguarding the Application and Use of Chromium Trioxide and other Chemicals in Surface Treatment Technology), LKS Kronenberger is committed to working for your interests on the European level, too. We are working to achieve permission/authorisation according to REACh at the earliest possible date, to ensure that no negative effects arise for you, as user of our surfaces (and coatings). For more information on this, please consult our position paper.

For more information on the background and effects of European chemical policies on your company, the current state of affairs, and the work of VECCO, please refer to the Internet site at .

eupoc GmbH

On matters related to authorisation we receive competent support from eupoc GmbH, which not only works on behalf of members of VECCO e.V. on the political level, but also provides assistance in the development of the necessary authorisation dossier.