Roll before hard chrome plating
Roll before hard chrome plating

Hard chrome plating
Strong nationally as well as internationally

The Kronenberger family has been investing more in hard chrome plating since the 1980s. Today it is the main area of business.

With multiple shallow and deep tanks, we can handle a wide range of needs, serving customers with parts of up to 4.5m in length and 1m diameter. We can handle a maximum weight of up to 4.5t.

We perform the following coating processes:

  • Single
  • Duplex
  • Multiple
  • Matt chrome*

Coating thicknesses here can be anywhere between 10µm and more than 500µm, depending on need.

*) In any peak-to-valley height and structure desired

Surfaces and dimensions

Maximum part dimensions:

Piece weight up to 4,5 t:
∅ 1,000 mm / ↔ 4,500 mm


Coating thicknesses:
10–500 [µm]

Hardness: 850–950 HV 0,1

Single, duplex, and
multiple-coat structures
Matt chrome plating in individual peak-to-valley heights and structures

In addition to supplying original equipment to well-known roll manufacturers, for example, we also do reconditioning work on rolls already used in production. We can restore these so that their functionality is in no way inferior to a new roll.

If you have any special requirements on product surfaces, we will naturally be glad to offer you advice. The intended use of the rolls often necessitates surfaces with special qualities. In such cases we draw on experience gathered over many years.

This is something our customers appreciate, which is why even companies from outside Europe are numbered among our regular customers.

After the bath into the annealing furnace
The process goes on

Directly after the hard chrome-plating process we offer heat treatment in our own annealing furnace. This annealing process causes the release of gases in the coated rolls or other parts. Consequently, they can be put to unrestricted use already right after heating. In the area of plastics processing, for example, this can save several hundred kilograms of start-up waste.