Mirror polished roll
Mirror polished roll

Excellent quality:
A global leader in mirror polished rolls

For special processes in surface treatment we are THE provider that can satisfy the special technical requirements necessary for producing what the customer needs.

For example, using rolls with a mirror polish, today it is possible to produce excellent quality smartphones, tablets, LCD and plasma screens as well as head-up displays. After all, the finer and more uniform the roll surface is, the higher the quality of the final product.

Surfaces and dimensions

Maximum part dimensions:

∅ 1,000mm / ↔ 5,000mm

Piece weight up to 5t

Reproducible peak-to-valley heights:

Rmax ≤ 0,025µm
Superfinish mirror polish

Exact implementation of customer requirements

We can proudly say that we are an important supplier in this niche market, and for our customers, one that is in high demand. The challenge here is to exactly implement the customer requirements. The surface properties that are to be achieved in the process depend on the product to be produced. Even small deviations in the surface of the roll or cylinder are mirrored in the surface of the product produced later on.

The surface quality of the superfinish to be achieved depends on the coating material to be processed. Whereas hard chrome surfaces can be given mirror finishes with reproducible peak-to-valley heights of Rmax < 0.025µm, for ceramic or carbide coating systems it is possible to produce values of up to Rmax < 0.3µm, with hardness values of a maximum of 1500 VH 0.1.