The workplace in the 1960s
The workplace in the 1960s

Tradition has a name
More than 60 years
LKS Kronenberger

Established as family-operated company in 1951 by the married couple Carolina and Lothar Kronenberger, the family character of the business remains a distinguishing feature to this day.

After the death of the company founder, Lothar Kronenberger, his son Paul Kronenberger and subsequently his younger siblings Gabriele and Thomas Kronenberger assumed direction of the firm. Even representatives of the third generation are now active in management positions in the company.

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Repeatedly we have anticipated the changing needs of the market and successfully adapted.

With origins in a grinding shop and a drive to increase the depth of production, the range of services was constantly expanded.

Chrome-plating line in the 1960s

A second mainstay was established already in the mid-1950s with the machinery for bright chrome work. Back then the work mainly involved finishing horn rings for Volkswagen.

In the 1960s the third and fourth mainstays were added with the simultaneous construction of the zinc and the hard chrome plants. The first mainstay, the grinding shop, was abandoned in the 1980s, after seeing a continuous increase in the quality of raw materials.

But in 2015 we reactivated it again, to satisfy the particularly high-quality standards in the area of decorative chrome-plating.