Working together in trust is good.
Mutual respect and controls is more enduring

When all parts of a machine are working together optimally good results can be achieved. We have a comprehensive quality management system in place since 1997.

In addition to our DIN ISO 9001 certification which has been in place since 1997 we also uphold sustainable environmental policies. These processes have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 since 2004 already. In the year 2018 in both areas we converted to version 2014 of the certification, to demonstrate that we meet today's expectations on quality and the environment.


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Noise and environmental protection

We go far beyond what legal requirements demand of us. Examples of this include investments in noise protection, to protect the residential areas in the vicinity. Another example of our pro-environment approach is the switch from diesel to electric forklifts. When we expand our vehicle fleet, we always choose trucks that comply with the latest emissions requirements.

Modern energy management

In 2018 we installed a modern energy management system. This helps us to monitor power consumption and peaks live. The system provides us with an overview right down to the smallest of energy users. This allows us to respond accordingly, introduce countermeasures, identify "power offenders" and thus modernise.