Beispielbehängung Rohteile in der Anlage
Example of unfinished parts hanging in the plant

More than just corrosion protection:
For LKS Kronenberger not all zinc plating is equal!

In the past zinc plating was viewed purely as technical surface. Its primary purpose was corrosion protection. But times have changed. Today, the industry and the final customer expect more.

The visual appearance, in particular, has become higher priority, but it is still necessary to provide the same amount of corrosion protection.

With our two computer-controlled racking lines we can zinc-plate the most geometrically diverse range of parts. This includes the possibility of coating parts with chromium VI-free zinc black and zinc blue passivations and a thick-film passivation.

Enhanced corrosion resistance
Topcoat & yellow chromating

Sealing with a TopCoat is a specialty. At only 1-2µm thick, this transparent coating enhances corrosion resistance even more. And because of the harder surface properties, the scratch-resistance of the part is enhanced, too. These enhancements are achieved while still satisfying the requirements on visual appearance.

For special technical requirements we also offer yellow chromating. Because of its high corrosion resistance and outstanding properties this surface remains in high demand.

Surfaces and dimensions

Equipment dimensions:

Equipment 1: 2,900 x 1,100 x 400 [mm]
Equipment 2: 3,000 x 1,250 x 220 [mm]

Subsequent treatments, chromium (VI)-free:

  • Thin-film passivation
    with/ without sealing (TopCoat; T2)
  • Thick-film passivation
    with/ without sealing (TopCoat; T2)
  • Blue passivation
    with/ without sealing (topcoat; T2)
  • Black passivation
    with/ without sealing (topcoat; T2)
  • B4 BlackProtection
  • without passivation

Subsequent treatments, containing chromium (VI):

Yellow chromating without sealing

B4 BlackProtection

Only available from us

With B4 BlackProtection we offer an innovative special finish as alternative to black passivation. It sets new standards in visual appearance and corrosion protection (> 400 h in accordance with DIN 50021 or NSST up to 2% white rust). B4 BlackProtection is a surface we developed ourselves, and is only available from LKS Kronenberger.

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Zinc black –
The alternative to black finishing and cathodic dip coating

For many of our customers in the area of machine and equipment production our black passivation method is viewed as high quality alternative to black finishing. In addition to its considerably higher corrosion resistance of over 150 h to white rust, it also offers much higher scratch resistance. The service life of parts is increased many times over.