Allow us to introduce ourselves
The Kronenberger family

In 1950 when an opportunity arose for Lothar Kronenberger to grind brackets for glove compartments for the automotive industry, he embraced it with dedication and determination.

So along with his wife, in 1951 the businessman founded a hand-grinding business, which grew into the firm of today. The foundation was laid for a family-operated company with enormous future potential. After the sudden passing of the company founder in 1982, the three children took over and are still in charge of the company today.

Portrait von Lothar und Lina Kronenberger
Lothar & Lina
Founder of the company
Portrait von Paul Kronenberger
Paul Kronenberger
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) (Engineering degree from university of applied sciences)
Managing Director
Portrait von Gabriele Kronenberger-Wolf
Gabriele Kronenberger-Wolf
Managing Director
Portrait von Thomas Kronenberger
Thomas Kronenberger
Dipl.-Ing. Oberflächentechnik (FH) (Surface engineering degree from university of applied sciences)
Galvaniseur a.H. (Electroplater)
Managing Director
Portrait von Martin Kronenberger
Martin Kronenberger
M.Sc. in Economics
Direction Finance